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Traits of virtual Classes that Parents like

Virtual classes are the modern method of education. They are proving to be a boon for remote learners as well as deserving teachers. Virtual classes have a range of dynamic features. Let us have a look at some of the traits of virtual classes which are most liked by parents: Many parents are attracted by the fact that virtual classes resembles global village. Here their child gets the opportunity to learn from the best of teachers even if they are located far away from them. In today’s straight forward world kids are being brought up by working parents. Sometimes it gets difficult for the parents to spare some time for their child’s study. Here virtual classes come to the rescue. It is a good means of solving their child’s study related problems. Another thing that is very beneficial is that parents can choose the course for their child according to his/her pace of learning. Virtual classes assist the bright student along with supporting the average student simultaneously. Virtual clas

Value of Education Softwares

An education software is a must require thing for an institute, school, college or university for online teaching. Online educational softwares are highly advantageous for educators, administrators and students. It provides a lot of benefits. Here are some pros of using an educational software: Interactive content: An educational software has an ability to present the course content in an interactive way. So that the learners can feel connected with the course material and understands easily. Online classes can simply reach out to the learners. An educator can interact with his/her learners through live classes. Two way communication: Educational softwares are a key to establish two way communication between teachers and their learners. It helps in building a strong bond of trust between them. Students are given the facility to communicate with their teachers anywhere at any time. This builds a friendly environment under which students can learn and grow efficiently. Utilizati

Significance of an Online Course Title & Image

There is a saying that “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Likewise, when an educator creates an online course it is necessary to use an effective image for that course. As we know the picture carries many things such as emotions, ideas and many more. Giving an effective Course Title is also very important in an online course. Words and picture both can work together to shape elearning. In this article, we will discuss about how an educator can use course title or image/picture while creating an online course to make it more interesting for learners. Elearning can be more interactive when you use creative images for your online course. There are many benefits of using images in online learning. In online learning visuals are the only thing which communicates non-verbally. Images leaves a powerful impact on learners. So try to use creative images for your online course, so that it keeps your learners engaged. While selecting an image make sure that it has good visual quality a

Be the best Online Educator with EduGyaan!

As we know that the phase of Covid19 hits the world. In this time all the schools, universities, college & coaching institutes have had to adapt online teaching. At this point all the educators or faculty want to give their best in teaching for their students. This sudden change in the method of teaching made educators a little bit confused, as some of the educators are not comfortable to teach online. Here, in this blog we are enlisting some key points which will help you to grow as an online educator- Plan a Time Table: It is very important for an educator to make a schedule to conduct an online class. He must make a proper plan of when to record session, conduct live lecture and create quiz & other things. This will help you to connect with your students without any hassle. Teach in your style: Your knowledge and passion to teach students makes you their favourite teacher. So, try to teach them in your own style of teaching. This will keep your learners more engaged. Make

Teaching tips for faculty or educational institutes to take online classes

As an educator you must make your online classes interesting for learners. So that they can learn easily and understand better. Let’ talk about some key points which will make your online teaching more interactive: Record lectures: Online classes offers the flexibility of time which learners doesn’t get in traditional classes. Recorded sessions helps students to learn according to their own pace. If any student miss any lecture because of health or any other issue then he can watch the recorded lecture later. This will help student to cover his/her syllabus. Course content: As we know teaching is a time-taking activity. If you switch your offline classes to online then you should know the tools which are used in online teaching. Here are some tips to keep in mind while creating courses- As an educator you need to record short duration lectures. Students seems bored during long lectures, it also affects their concentration. So try to keep your session short. And if there is any topic