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Benefits of Online Test-Series

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e-Learning & It's benefits

    What is e - Learning? E- Learning  is  learning  to utilize  electronic  technologies to access educational curriculum outside of a traditional classroom. In most cases, it refers to a course, program, or degree delivered completely  online. Elliott Maisie   coined the term “e - Learning”  in 1999, marking the first time the phrase was used professionally. In the years since e - Learning’s reputation has gone from strength to strength. Major benefits of e - Learning: 1.  Learning made easy Anyone like housewives, businessmen, travelers , students, wanderers, etc. can be learners by attending classrooms anywhere in the world that has internet access. It saves a huge amount of time as you don’t have to travel far to attend a lecture. Your classroom is just a click away. You don’t have to leave your home & your loved ones behind for the sake of education. E - Learning presents you a whole new world of immense knowledge and that too in your comfort zone. Now due to e - Learning stu