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Limitations of traditional classroom which will not bother you in an online classroom

  Traditional classes are the most basic way of education. In this modern age of technology these classes a re quite unable to cope up with all the needs of a teacher and his learners. This is the era of online classes. Due to the highly increasing demand of qualitative education and fastest growing e-Learning industry, online classes are becoming more relevant day by day. One of many reasons for the increased demand of online class is it eradicates all the limitations of traditional classes. When a teacher conducts an online class he does not have to worry about all the troubles which are faced in a traditional classroom.                                                                                                                                                                                  Some common limitations which will not bother you in your online class are listed below: Hectic travelling – If you do not conduct classes at your home then the most tiring thing of your

Perks of Online Classes

Online classes are classes which are organized virtually. In these classes teacher and their students communicate with audio and video conferencing. Unlike traditional classes these classes are conducted completely online. Online classes are the need of time because they have proved to be the most efficient tool of e-Learning. Online classes have a lot of benefits to serve teachers as well as learners. Let’s discuss some of them! Versatility of time – Like traditional classes online classes have no boundation of time, it means there is no limitation of time in online classes. The teacher decides how much time he wants to take for his class to teach a particular subject or topic. This flexibility of time helps students in the better understanding of a particular topic. Versatile timing increases the communication period between teachers and learners which is beneficial for both. Easy setup – The most attractive benefit of online class is there easy setup. You don’t need a building,

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