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As we are moving in the digital era, the concept of reuse technology has been taken a drastic idea in every sector so as in education. The idea to reuse the video lectures have empowered to deliver the lectures across the globe which is not possible in traditional classroom. However, it is helpful for the educators to store their lectures in recorded form and deliver them. Following are the advantages to keep the lectures in the recorded form:- 1.      Recorded form of the video lectures helps to improve the educator’s efficiency by helping them to reuse the material again and again. 2.      Recorded lectures can be a just like flipped classroom. 3.      Recorded lectures can help the educators to generate new revenue stream   4.      Recorded videos can be used in marketing purposes for them to reach new markets. Suppose lectures which are taken live can be recorded instantly is easy for the educators to get their lectures in recorded form. Is this type of platfo

Online Teaching- A Rising Trend

Introduction Teaching is not only a profession but it is an art which are done to build the learners. Teaching involves face to face interaction which is helpful for both the educators and learners. It is not only about delivering lectures or taking classes but also to influence the learners by which they can improve themselves to compete with the world. It also help the learners to explore their ideas in various ways so that they can enhance their knowledge. Teach Online Through Our Platform Have you ever thought about online teaching? If no? There we are to help you out. EduGyaan provides you Virtual Classroom Software through which you can deliver the classes online which involves 2-way interaction which would be helpful to feel like a traditional classroom. Benefits of Online Teaching Have you ever thought about the benefits of the online teaching? By teaching online there are various benefits you can go through such as:- 1.       Student-Centered Learning

Online Education- An innovative way in Learning

Live online classes in education sector has changed the way of teaching and learning methods. Educators are collaborating with learners around the world turning the world into online education world. Live classes are offering a low cost setup through which they can have a two way communication which is alternative to the classroom education. As the technology is going on its trend, the mixture of both technology and education give rise to a new innovative ideas through which they can deliver their classes in online mode. Online learning software has brought face to face teaching to the learners. Although research show that the online education demand is increasing day by day. Following are the features of online education mode: ·        Increases learning time: Online education mode has enhanced the learners to increase their learning time because it creates more engagement of in the online courses which in turn increases their time in learning. ·        Revise c