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Create & Sell Beautiful Online Courses

Edugyaan  allows you to create brand new courses. This article talks about the advantages of using Edugyaan. It also explains the business benefits the user would gain by using our software. Edugyaan is a one-stop platform wherein tutors, coaching owners and online educators can publish and monetize courses, tests, videos, notes and much more via EduGyaan’s Virtual Classroom & LMS Software  by their own brand name. With our fully automated, easy-to-use, the cloud-based solution we provide you all the features required for taking your course online without burdening you with too much TECHNICAL   JARGON  and without creating a huge dent in your pocket. Now let’s talk about Pros of course creation because there are no Cons of it. Pros of Online Course Creation We provide you the platform for creating and selling courses. What this feature does is, it allows you to create your course and lets you make all the additions or customization  you would want to do, to satisf