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Create, Market & Sell your Courses

A course can be defined as the complete series of lessons or studies. It is an integrated collection of academic studies content. A course deals with the particular subject topic of study. EduGyaan provides you a dynamic feature of creating a wide range of courses. These courses enables you to reach to your learners in a creative way. With us, you can create a course just by following few simple steps. These courses are very helpful in teaching your students through visual based interaction because you can also add videos in courses. You can also conduct live lectures of a particular course. We have made content management easy for you. If you are not a tech savvy person then also we have got you covered. You just have to teach your students with an interactive course and we will take care of all the technicalities. We provide you a secured platform where no one can download your video lectures. Your content will be fully encrypted. After creating courses the next step is, its mark

Be a Proficient Learner!

Learning is the first step on the path of knowledge. Now almost every educational institute is focusing on quality learning. Availability of various online platforms made it more convenient for institutes to conduct content based lectures and EduGyaan is one of them. The most benefited section by quality learning is the students section. Online learning has a complete ocean of skillful knowledge to give to learners. Learners just have to select their preferable institute and connect to them on their online platform and the topic they are interested in will be taught to them in a best possible way. Quality learning is more relevant than quantity learning, and that’s what you get in online classes. Now you don’t need to be an average student because with virtual learning you can be a Proficient Learner! With online classes a learner can access the best faculty. A learner can master various topics, courses, subjects by the precious guidance of this faculty. A continuous communication

Methods of Online Teaching

Since ages food, clothes and shelter are believed as a basic need for life. But with time it becomes the universal truth that education should also be involved in the mentioned basic needs. Due to the continuously developing science and technology now education is also widely accepted as the fourth need for life. As a result of the situation persisting from past few months’ online teaching has become the most vital weapon of education. Online teaching has proved to be a lot beneficial for the teaching faculties as well as the learners. But to completely exploit the platforms of online teaching faculty must know some basic techniques of online teaching. Let us discuss the methods of online teaching in detail: Online teaching facilitates the teachers to teach from wherever they want under their comfort zone. Some classes of relevant topics tend to be lengthy. To keep students involved during long lectures is most faced issue among the teachers. You can simply solve this issue by impl

Mobile learning

Education sector is the most relevant sector of our country. After the merge of technology it has become wider. The term mobile learning has become an important method of education in present scenario. It provides flexibility as it enables students to reach education anywhere anytime. What is mobile learning? Mobile learning can be defined as the complete use of internet to acquire education via personal gadgets like smartphones, tablets, PC , laptop etc. It includes the use of online educational platforms to obtain study material. It has elastic nature. Learners can access their particular educational platforms irrespective of their place or location. It is abbreviated as M-Learning. It is a way of distance education and social platforms plays a vital role in it. M-Learning basically focuses on learning through content interaction. It is very easy to access because it gives the facility to use one’s personal devices. What are its uses? Mobile learning has a lot of advantages e