Thursday, August 30, 2018

Get your coaching in your home!!!

Are you giving high fees for the entrance coaching to the center for your children? Is it really worth you??? If the same environment of traditional classroom is given to your children at home why to opt to travel to cities and pay expenses hostel fee, coaching fees etc.? Yes, you heard that right you can have the same traditional learning environment in your home for entrance coaching with affordable price. So bring your children on digital learning and be free about the expenses you are spending. Opting for an online course has its own share of perks, especially when compared to traditional classroom learning methods.
Here are some ways in which online coaching classes can help your child to crack entrance exam at his home:

  • Live Doubt Clarification: Online coaching gives opportunity to clarify their doubts instantly. This will help the children to get the concepts better and grasp the information to a long run. This will more fruitful to those students who can’t ask the teachers because of shyness in traditional classroom.
  • Saves Time and money: Taking online coaching classes not only provides quality education but saves both time and money. Children’s can utilize the resources provided by the coaching classes online to understand better.
  • Discussion Forum: In online classes children can get involved in discussion which helps to get revised and view their points on that. This will not help him but also help others to get their concept clear. Here, teacher plays a main role where they can know that what their students are facing and how they can improve in next session.
  • Convenience and Flexibility: Online classes helps your children to learn in their own pace with no boundation of time and place. This will help them to learn with greater efficiency.

Friday, August 24, 2018

Any External Matter Interrupting you to Deliver Your Lecture???

Is anyone listening to you in classroom???Is this interrupting you to deliver lectures in classroom? In today’s technological era, all human creatures are involving in a simple thing that changes their living conditions.  As this changes make the educational world to a level of changes where educators and teachers want to connect all time with their own pace. Is it possible??? Yes, why not!!!
How Technological Tools help to connect???

Yes, with the help of technological tools you can connect with the learners which help the educators to know about the learners, individual performance, etc. It will just like traditional classroom where you can ask doubts without any nervousness, can create discussion forum, can clear doubts at instant etc. A big advantages is that it will help the all learners to listen to educators without any disturbance and help to create interactive session which will boost the educator’s confidence.

Where to find interactive platform???

Are you looking for the interactive platform where you can have interactive sessions with the learners? If yes, we are here where you can have various features which will help to do interactive sessions. We, EduGyaan provides you the Virtual Classroom Software provider through which can have online classes.

Benefits of EduGyaan E-learning Platform:

a. Accessible on all devices:- Through EduGyaan E-Learning Platform students can be easily access the videos on all devices such as mobile, laptop etc. They don’t have to depend upon any devices.
b. High quality video capabilities: - EduGyaan provides full HD video and audio with multiple bit-rates.

c. Interactive Platform:- Through EduGyaan platform you can have interactive sessions with your learners. You can have discussion platform where students can discuss their doubts efficiently.

     d. User- Friendly interface:- EduGyaan online platform is user friendly to use which can be easily accessible without any difficulty.

     e. Share any other file:- Through EduGyaan online platform you can share any other file such as PPTs, PDFs etc. which can helpful for the learners to understand better.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Online Learning in Higher Education!!!


India is one of largest education system in the world. It involves both primary and secondary education. As in the emerging era, online education has witnessed an enhanced acceptance over a period of few years. Many educators and learners have joined online platforms to enhance their skills in their portfolio. In future, numbers of peoples are expected to involve in the online platforms which increases the productivity of the learners.

As per the recent report, the market in online education in India is expected to witness a growth of eight times in next five year. Such high growth in online education market is the outcomes of the increased number of online education users from 1.57 million in 2016 to 9.5 million in 2021.

How E-Learning is useful in higher education?

As we know that, higher education scope is increasing day by day among learners. But most of the students are not able to get higher education due to the two most common key factors:-

·   Higher cost of the courses.
·   Geographical location of the class and physical appearance of the learners

This key factors put the learners in thought to get higher education? Are there any solution to overcome these challenges to the students? Yes, online education in emerging era has overcomes these challenges and provides the students to get through in online education without any hesitation. It provides you the access of the courses anywhere anytime and are not bound by a specific time or specific areas. Online courses are cost effective.

Benefits of online education in higher education

· Lower cost: - Most of the students can’t get through in higher education because of the higher cost. Online education helps the students to get the courses in lower cost through which they can get higher education in easy way.

· Enhances Student engagement: - Online education enhance the engagement of the students which also increases the productivity of the learners.

· Revenue: - Online education provides an alternative revenue stream for higher educational institutions. With the help of the online platform the institutions can enroll the number of students in their low cost courses. Higher the enrollment of the courses more the revenue are generated.

· Greater accessibility: - E-learning in higher education provides/offers students flexibility to learn the courses according their convenience. It also helps those learners who have difficulty in getting through center location.

Online education bridges the gap between the educators and learners which helps them to connect all round. This helps to learn at their own pace which helps to get more attention towards the course.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018


Everybody is worried about the security in every cases from their houses to their phones. Are you also worried about that? Security is the major challenges today world is facing. No one wants to risk the securities related issue. Then why not you should secure your online teaching portal? Why not it has becoming a serious issue on data piracy?

What do you mean by data piracy?
Data piracy is an illegal handling copying, distribution, or use of software. Data Piracy falls under the violation of Intellectual property (IP) Act which deal with violation of copyrighted contents available online.

Data Piracy- a serious issue
In today’s world most of the works has been done online with great effort. E-Learning schools have the record of their study materials, mock test, student’s record, video record etc. These are the main reason why a data piracy is a serious concern. These are the documents which are considered sensitive. In the digital world, it is really hard to identify the threats on data piracy. Moreover, some people with mischievous purpose can sign up in your portal as learners with fake details to cause a business problem and it is really hard to tell about the people who have done this without experience.
This will not only lead to the content distribution illegal but can make your business a downfall approach.

How EduGyaan can help?
Being an LMS act of assistance, we have taken care about the data piracy of your intellectual property and take a better step to keep your contents safe from the mischievous people.

We have provided you a video watermarking which will help you to protect your videos from piracy. Video Watermarking which is an exceptionally well known and compelling method for copyright assurance of recordings. Random watermarking contains the IP address of the system from which the videos are being watched. This will help us to point out the user easily, if anyone tries to pirate the videos.