Everybody is worried about the security in every cases from their houses to their phones. Are you also worried about that? Security is the major challenges today world is facing. No one wants to risk the securities related issue. Then why not you should secure your online teaching portal? Why not it has becoming a serious issue on data piracy?

What do you mean by data piracy?
Data piracy is an illegal handling copying, distribution, or use of software. Data Piracy falls under the violation of Intellectual property (IP) Act which deal with violation of copyrighted contents available online.

Data Piracy- a serious issue
In today’s world most of the works has been done online with great effort. E-Learning schools have the record of their study materials, mock test, student’s record, video record etc. These are the main reason why a data piracy is a serious concern. These are the documents which are considered sensitive. In the digital world, it is really hard to identify the threats on data piracy. Moreover, some people with mischievous purpose can sign up in your portal as learners with fake details to cause a business problem and it is really hard to tell about the people who have done this without experience.
This will not only lead to the content distribution illegal but can make your business a downfall approach.

How EduGyaan can help?
Being an LMS act of assistance, we have taken care about the data piracy of your intellectual property and take a better step to keep your contents safe from the mischievous people.

We have provided you a video watermarking which will help you to protect your videos from piracy. Video Watermarking which is an exceptionally well known and compelling method for copyright assurance of recordings. Random watermarking contains the IP address of the system from which the videos are being watched. This will help us to point out the user easily, if anyone tries to pirate the videos.