Importance of eBooks in Education

eBooks have a lot more to offer than their printed counterparts. Printed books definitely have a traditional value to it, but eBooks are something which will completely transform the reading and learning experience in the near future.

Here are the Top Advantages of eBooks over Printed Books:-

eBooks are Convenient & Affordable - Currently, the online or distant learning environment is a very popular and well-liked approach for those who don’t have enough time to attend a traditional classroom. In this technological era, the eBooks are very popular among students and it has made online education even more interesting, convenient and affordable.

Study Anywhere and Anytime - An eBook is easy to carry around. Instead of carrying physical books, it is easier to carry a mobile device that supports eBooks. Most students these days always carry a smartphone, a tablet or a laptop. The portability of an eBook allows students to refer to their notes and course materials anytime they want.

Saves Cost & Environment FriendlyeBooks do not require paper. Teachers can upload books in a PDF format which can be downloaded and easily accessible without the internet. eBooks saves all your printing related costs, right from purchasing printing paper, designing the layouts and hardcover etc. It even saves the environment by eliminating the need for printing.

Easily Updates - The contents on the eBooks are mostly cloud-based, meaning it can be updated any time.Teachers can always add the up-to-date information, providing users with the latest digital content. This saves reprinting costs and the time involved in the process.

Copy of sharing content - Like physical books which can be easily copied, printed and shared among students, eBooks provide you an option to secure your content and prevent such copy without your permission.

Distribution of eBooksShare eBook contents with multiple students. eBook allows sharing of content, which is not possible with printed books.You might share a printed book with one student at a time, but an eBook can be shared with many student at once. It saves time.

No transportation & storage Cost - Physical books include the storage cost , you need to manage inventory. Also the cost of posting books packages to students without damage through courier services is high. In case of reissue as physical books can get damaged , you face a loss. 

Millions of trees are cut down each year to produce paper. Add to that the transportation costs, paper making costs, and all the carbon footprint it leaves behind. All this can be avoided if you switch to eBooks. ebooks in education can be the best alternative than its counterpart printed books.