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Be an Online Educator or Launch Online Academy!

In online teaching an educator has a lot of things to explore. Now a days many educators are confused about whether to be an online tutor or to launch their own online academy. Well, both are right choices. You just need to focus on your work to make it more effective. In this article we will discuss about what suits you best as an online tutor, creating online courses or launching an online academy.

If you are creating online courses for your learners, you will be able to add content, eBooks, test series and many more things. In online learning students have the flexibility to learn according to their own pace and time. As an educator you can create a course once and sell it to many of your learners. But you should keep updating your courses with the latest study material to keep your learners engaged.

While on other side, online academy provides you a huge crowd of learners. As an institute you will get a large number students as they already know you as a brand name because of your institute.

We can say that both of them have their own advantages. As a tutor you can select any one of them, it will help you to grow as an online educator.

One of the main benefits of selling online courses is that it is a profit making profession. You can create as many course as you want and sell it for a long period of time without doing any major changes in it.

As an online educator you should be a good content creator for your learners. This is the easiest way to keep your learners engaged with your courses. You must create audio-video classes for learners so that they can easily understand the concept and enjoy learning. Interact with learners through audio-video conferencing to know their requirements more clearly.

If we talk about an online academy, it will build a long lasting relationship between you and your learners. You must keep in mind learner’s needs and requirements regarding content so that you can update accordingly. It will be beneficial for your online academy and help you to grow as an online academy.

To conclude, it can be said that creating online courses and launching an online academy both are good choices for a tutor. EduGyaan provides you a lot of dynamic feature to expand your teaching business. To know more plan your free demo/trial today.


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