How to take your coaching business online now?

As pandemic has unleashed a revolution in the education world and changed the way of teaching and learning, worldwide education has been transformed to online classes. But here the question which comes in teachers mind that how can an individual teacher start his/her own online coaching institute to compete with other institute which are already providing online classes. Here this article may help you with:

Choosing the right Platform: In the situation on pandemic there are many software companies which comes up with new type of solution but wait and analyse whether your institutional requirements are getting fulfil, whether it is pocket friendly and most important content security. A right LMS should have following features:

  • Accessibility of learner’s information and complete control over your student data.
  • Should be user friendly and easy to operate by even a non-tech person.
  • Different course permission and course manage controls for different roles.
  • Multimedia content which can be easily viewed on any device and any time.
  • And most important support provided.

Branding and Website: Before starting online classes you need a website to brand your institute. This includes logo, dynamic content, social media links and to showcase your courses. This will help you create a brand for your institute. Edugyaan provides you a complete LMS with your own website which you can manage by yourself. There is no need of a well-trained developer. We provide:

  • Signup form with automatic emails.
  • Blogs Page.
  • Testimonials.
  • About Us.
  • Course Details.
  • Privacy policy/terms and conditions.
  • Custom domain.


Creating Your First Course: Once you’re landing page and website is ready, now it’s time to create your courses which you can sell. Edugyaan provides you the hierarchy where you can either sell entire course or topic of courses. Two Level hierarchies provides easy to manage your courses. This course includes audio, video lectures, pdfs, eBooks, and free courses.


Sales and Marketing: Edugyaan provides various ways to promote your courses like :

  • Offer promo coupons.
  • Create an advertisement and show on your website.
  • Link Social account.
  • Allow free signups and provide free courses.


Mock Test and Analysis: An LMS should have inbuilt test series platform also. Edugyaan provides a complete LMS with integrated own developed mock test platform with analysis. A test series should have all options like single choice question, multiple choice question subjective, negative marks.


Edugyaan is the only platform which provides all options and makes it easy to launch your coaching business online. We help you to take your classes online and take your coaching business to next level. To know more how to start your online coaching institute or how to earn more by taking physical classes as well as online at a same time, get in touch with us now!