Hybrid Learning & Benefits

Hybrid learning is a teaching method where teachers instruct in-person and remote students at the same time using tools like video conferencing hardware and software.

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Importance of Hybrid Classes –

In offline classes some people will have difficulties in managing travel time & time management, because schools and classes, they may have other responsibilities like job, family, etc. whereas online classes have made us feel that the bondage between teachers and their classmates are deteriorating. Some feel that they understand better in face to face, in person classes.

You can overcome these problems with a great solution called "Hybrid Learning"

In hybrid learning you can easily conduct both online and offline classes. So, there is no problem to anyone.

Today, we're going to discuss about hybrid learning and its benefits –

AFFORDABILITY - When we think about pursuing a course or a degree, the first question we get in our mind is budget and fees. Online classes or degree are less expensive than physical coaching classes or institutions. Also, you get all the study materials online. So, there is no need to spend on expensive books. 

ACCOUNTABILITY - Due to online classes, physical interactions between students and teachers will be reduced. But it is better than no interactions. This will eventually reduce accountability. Also, the discussions will also be reduced. This is not good for students. So, we've to consider hybrid model of learning.

FLEXIBILITY - This is the best benefit of hybrid learning, because everyone wouldn't be able to come every day for the offline classes. There may be many reasons for it. But, in the hybrid model students can attend the classes from wherever they are. Also, they can manage other activities and responsibilities. As per schedule, students can have, in person classes once in a week to clear it they've any doubts.

SELF-PACING - We do not have any self-pacing option in the traditional classes. Because learners had to attend the classes every day and manage to learn with others. They would lag behind if they're not able to be in pace with others. Whatever projects or assignments are given, they've to do it with others. Students have an option in hybrid classes, they can watch online classes in their free time and complete their projects and assignments according to their speed. They can connect with their teachers anytime electronically.

ENGAGEMENT - Hybrid learning will increase students' engagement, because it is easy in all ways. Through regular online classes, they can learn well and through physical classes they can get their doubts clarified. They can also meet their friends and teachers. You know it very well when there are no time limits in doing a task, you will enjoy doing it along with freedom. This is the freedom you get in hybrid learning model.  

DEEPER LEARNING - In traditional learning courses, it is taught in a very detailed manner. But there is just a problem, due to any reason if any students miss any one or two classes, reason may be like they are sick, or have to attend a function and could not attend the classes, it is sure that they have missed important part of the course. But they will not miss anything in the hybrid model. If for any reason they could not attend classes, they can attend the online class. Because you have all the study materials online.

You must have understood why hybrid learning is important and what the benefits of it are.

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