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Significance of an Online Course Title & Image

There is a saying that “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Likewise, when an educator creates an online course it is necessary to use an effective image for that course. As we know the picture carries many things such as emotions, ideas and many more. Giving an effective Course Title is also very important in an online course. Words and picture both can work together to shape elearning.

In this article, we will discuss about how an educator can use course title or image/picture while creating an online course to make it more interesting for learners.

Elearning can be more interactive when you use creative images for your online course. There are many benefits of using images in online learning.

In online learning visuals are the only thing which communicates non-verbally. Images leaves a powerful impact on learners. So try to use creative images for your online course, so that it keeps your learners engaged. While selecting an image make sure that it has good visual quality as well as contain an efficacious message.

Let’s talk about the course title. It plays a vital role which helps learners to choose their course according to their interest. As an educator you must choose your course title according to learners interest so that they can connect with the course easily and learn better.

So, on the above basis it can be said that course title and course image should used in such a way that it leaves a positive impact on learners. To know more visit



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