Take your classes online to reduce carbon footprint

Virtual learning leading educators and organizations to reduce the carbon footprint. According to the scientists the effects of global warming are increasing rapidly, we must do our bit and try to control our carbon footprints. We would also take individual action to lower carbon emissions.

The trend of online learning is increasing significantly. Virtual classrooms are more flexible, easy-to-use, convenient and affordable as compared to traditional classrooms. Online learning is not only advantageous for educators and learners but also it leaves a favorable impact on environment. Which is beneficiary for every global citizen and helps to keep our planet healthier.

According to the research virtual classes consumes approximately 90% less energy than traditional classes and also produces approximately 85% fewer carbon dioxide emissions.

Online learning is a greener option:

As we know that the means of transportation produces a large number of gas emission which effects the environment. In traditional classroom learners have to go from one place to other but there is no need go anywhere in virtual classroom. Learners can study at their own pace.

Report says that each bundle of paper that we use releases two kilograms of carbon dioxide into the environment. Paper work is a must to do thing in traditional classrooms to keep record of all the students. In virtual classrooms there is no need of any textbook or hardcopy of notes as learners can access all the study material through their mobile phone, laptop, computer or any electronic device.

Approximately 9-10 million metric tons of carbon dioxide released on an annual basis because of using the energy resources required to manage power and heat classrooms. Online education leaves a very little impact as compared to traditional classrooms.

Through virtual classes the educators or organization can extend their reach to a large number of students. Online education allows students to enroll from a broader geographic area.

All we can say that going online is beneficial for both the institutes and environment eLearning leaves a very little impact on environment as compared to traditional classes.