Importance of Blended Learning

This is the era of online learning. Apart from coaching institutions, schools are also adopting the idea of online teaching. Virtual classroom helps in increasing the productivity level of students. It provides them the flexibility to learn according to their convenience and also encourages them to learn & understand better.

Schools or institutions where virtual learning is used, teaching environment of these classes are more efficacious than traditional classes. In live sessions if student is having any doubt he/she can reach out to the teacher through two way interaction or chat box. It helps students to clear their doubts so that they can understand better. It also improves the performance of students. If student skip any live session then he can watch the recorded session too. Online education offers learners the flexibility of learning according to their own pace.

Traditional classrooms can be boring sometimes but virtual classrooms are more fun & interesting for students to learn. There are many tools available in online teaching which makes online learning more interactive and easy to understand, which keeps students engaged.

Here are some benefits of blended learning:

It makes learning more reachable: In traditional classroom study materials are available only during classroom hours, but in virtual classroom learners are able to access study material whenever they want. Now with the help of eLearning tools learners are more engaged in learning.

Communication between teacher & students: Online education gives an opportunity to both the teachers & students to interact with each other. They can connect via two-way interaction or chat box during live lectures. This is beneficial for both, as teacher can guide his students if they are in doubt regarding their syllabus and students can ask their queries and gain more knowledge.

Makes learning more interactive: Many students seems to be bored during long lecture and don’t concentrate on learning. Online classroom makes learning more interactive and fun it is advantageous for student as well as for educator. Student tends to understand better when they enjoy learning.

Blended learning is the basic need of today. As it offers many benefits. EduGyaan provides all the necessary features required for an institute or school to go online.