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Advantages of Mobile & Desktop Apps

E-Learning is the most promising industry now a days. It has become one of the most demanded industries with the increase in the internet speed and better smartphone features. The 21st century is know as the century of technology. On daily basis there is advancement in the new technologies and the world is moving towards the digitization. This has made a drastic change in the education sector. Now a days every thing can be accessed using the mobile phone. One can know about the news happening in any corner of the globe sitting on the chair in their home. Internet has changed our lifestyle and started a new era of digitization in almost every sector.

Due to the advancement in the internet technology it has become very easy to access the social, entertainment, news, any many other websites. There is a unified platform for every sector which can be accessed by anyone from around the every corner of the world.

If we look around, it can be clearly seen that in last few decades many things have changed and so the education sector has also seen a drastic changes with the start of digitization. Many education apps are being developed on daily basis to encourage the learners of all age groups to learn and grab  more knowledge in the field and generate more interest to make the learning process full of fun.

If we look on the recent reports, it clearly indicates that the e-learning industry has grown exponentially in the last two decades and it is continuing to grow with better accessibility and improved technology.

Importance of Mobile & Desktop Apps for Educational Institutes

There are uncountable advantages and importance of having mobile and desktop apps for an educational institute. It helps the learners to access the content easily and improved the education sector. Learners can learn the things very easily and remember it for long time.

Some of the basic features of mobile and desktop apps:

ü  Learners prefer dedicated mobile or desktop apps for their online learning.

ü  Learners can utilize their time more effectively.

ü  Easy accessibility.

ü  Quality interaction between the learners and technology.

ü  24/7 availability.

ü  Systematic learning experience.

ü  Easy portability and mobility.

ü  Content Security.

Benefit of mobile and desktop apps for your institute

EduGyaan provide the educational institutes or educator to build their own branded mobile and desktop apps. The best part is that, the apps will be completely white-labeled which can be published on the PlayStore using your institute’s Google account and name.

l Content Security: This is the most important requirement for any educational institute to make their online content secured and encrypted so that no one can do the piracy. EduGyaan gives you the option to restrict your users to take screen-shots and screen capturing of your app. So, that no one can record or download your content using any screen capturing tool.

l Smooth Video Playback: The learners can watch the lectures using their normal internet connection in low bandwidth also. There are multiple option available on the player like change video playback speed, video seek bar, play and pause button, and many others.

l Share study materials/handouts online: Doesn’t it sounds cool!!! Now, educational institute can upload their study materials or handouts on their app as e-Books. The learners can read the handouts using the app without downloading the file. So, no more worries to send the study materials physically.

l Take online test: Just create the exams and allow your learners to test their knowledge. This is the most important part of any education app, since it allows students to test the level of understanding in the subject for which they’re taking the classes. This not only helps the students to test their knowledge but also make them disciplined towards their studies.

l Sell the courses online: The app comes with inbuilt online store feature where an educational institute can publish their courses online. It helps the learners to opt for the course as per their requirement. They can purchase the course in few clicks.

l  Notification: Notify the learners regarding the recent updates in the courses. Keep your learners updated!!!


With the rise in the new technologies, Educational Sector is also upgrading their way of delivery the classes. With minimum investment initially, it returns high profit in future and saves lots of marketing and infrastructure costs. That is the reason most of the institute and organizations are starting their online classes and developing mobile and desktop apps.



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