Friday, August 14, 2020

Methods of Online Teaching

Since ages food, clothes and shelter are believed as a basic need for life. But with time it becomes the universal truth that education should also be involved in the mentioned basic needs. Due to the continuously developing science and technology now education is also widely accepted as the fourth need for life. As a result of the situation persisting from past few months’ online teaching has become the most vital weapon of education. Online teaching has proved to be a lot beneficial for the teaching faculties as well as the learners. But to completely exploit the platforms of online teaching faculty must know some basic techniques of online teaching.

Let us discuss the methods of online teaching in detail:

Online teaching facilitates the teachers to teach from wherever they want under their comfort zone. Some classes of relevant topics tend to be lengthy. To keep students involved during long lectures is most faced issue among the teachers. You can simply solve this issue by implying different techniques to increase involvement of students. First of all the teachers should make his/her content more creative by adding tables, diagrams and charts etc. Add more illustrative examples related to your topic. The best way to keep student engage is to include them directly in the lecture. For this the teacher should also ask some questions in between the lectures. All these small hacks will definitely keep your students engage in study.

It is often said that “Preparation is the key to success”. Similarly the teacher has to be fully prepared to make the lecture successful. For this, always prepare your teaching notes one day before the lectures. Make some short notes and clues which will help you during your online lectures. You can also share with your students if they have any difficulty in understanding the particular topic. This preparation skills will keep your online class synchronized. This synchronization of topic will also help students to understand your teaching thoroughly.

Vocabulary plays an important part in an online class. As some of your students may face internet or network issue and will not be able to hear you properly. For their convenience teacher must use such words which are easy to understand and clear to pronounce. If the topic has some crucial or tough words which are needed to make the concept clear try to find a simple synonym of that word. If you feel that a word might be tough for some students to understand give its definition in one line to make it more clear for the learners. Thus you can also give one liners to make the concept clear.

As it is a proven fact now that online teaching business is the fastest growing business. So now when you know all the tricks and techniques of online teaching don’t hesitate to start your online teaching now. Be a pro online teacher with EduGyaan. Schedule your free trial/demo today.

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