Create, Market & Sell your Courses

A course can be defined as the complete series of lessons or studies. It is an integrated collection of academic studies content. A course deals with the particular subject topic of study. EduGyaan provides you a dynamic feature of creating a wide range of courses. These courses enables you to reach to your learners in a creative way.

With us, you can create a course just by following few simple steps. These courses are very helpful in teaching your students through visual based interaction because you can also add videos in courses. You can also conduct live lectures of a particular course. We have made content management easy for you. If you are not a tech savvy person then also we have got you covered. You just have to teach your students with an interactive course and we will take care of all the technicalities. We provide you a secured platform where no one can download your video lectures. Your content will be fully encrypted.

After creating courses the next step is, its marketing. Marketing plays a vital role as it makes learners aware about the existence of your course. You can market your course in many different ways. You can simply exploit social media platforms and market your course there. Mouth publicity is also relevant in the marketing of your course. You can tell your regular students or new learners about your course. There are a lot of ways for marketing courses you just have to choose accordingly.

When the ample amount of marketing is done you will get to know that many learners want to buy your course. The next step is to coordinate with your new learners and sell them your courses. After buying your course the learners will be able to access the study material of that particular course.

EduGyaan also provides you your own Shopify Page, which is very easy to use for all the teachers. Even for those who are not tech savvy. With us there is no need to worry about the technicalities of website designing. We have customized the Web Builder with multiple page creation option. EduGyaan provides you a total dynamic website. In this you will get many Vital Features. Shopify Page contains many interesting features such as Course Publishing, Course Bundle Publishing, Filter course or course bundle and many more.

In the ways mentioned above, you can easily Create, Market & Sell ‘n’ number of courses. It will enable you to reach a large number of learners. So let’s get started with EduGyaan. Schedule your free Trial/Demo today.