Launch your own Online Academy

Online Academy is a modern age real-time knowledge-driven education tool that enables students to learn without any discrimination on the basis of their geographical location. It runs on the concept of e-Learning.  If you are an edupreneur, that is an educational entrepreneur and thinking of making your teaching business go online then EduGyaan is here to help you out! Make your teaching business grow online with us without any revenue sharing. You can easily turn your knowledge into a profitable online course. E-Learning is one of the largest growing markets in the country so it is the high time you should make the most of it. All the benefits of an online academy are the backbone of its continuous growth.

Let’s take a moment and have a look at the benefits of launching your own online academy:


1. Be an edupreneur - If you are thinking of starting a business and knowledge is one of your talent and you love to teach students then the term “Edupreneur” is the best suitable for you. EduGyaan is here to help you. With us you can start your own online academy in some simple steps & start earning profit now. Use your potential to create a course & sell it under your online academy. Educate students to help them build their future and in the meanwhile earn from it to make your future bright as well.


2. Profit is solely yours - Clients are EduGyaan’s first priority. Therefore, we provide you a No Revenue Sharing Platform. Why worry about revenue sharing when you can keep it all. We care about your hard-earned money that’s why we provide you a platform where only you have all the rights on your profit.


3. Extend your reach to learners - Unlike a traditional academy when you have your own online academy you can extend your reach to learners to a great extent. You are just one click away from the students who are interested in your academy. It also enables you to connect hassle-free with your learners. It is a type of two-way communication between you and your students.


4. Cost-cutting - Managing a traditional academy needs a lot of time and effort as well as money. Some expenses which consume most of the money include:-

· Taking the building on lease.

· Electricity bill.

· Furniture management

· Cost of essentials (chalk, duster, black-board, paper work etc.)

· Travelling expense.


Hence online academy acts as a prominent cost-cutter. When you launch your own online academy all the above expenses vanish once and for all. In this way, Online Academy also acts as a profit maker.


5. Ease of time - When you launch your online academy you can easily manage your working time. You don’t have to follow any rigid schedule. You are not bound to any regular 9-5 routine. You can teach whenever you want & have free time when you don’t feel like teaching. It provides you the opportunity to invest your free time either in your hobbies or in the expansion of your online academy. 

The most relevant benefit of an online academy is that you only need passion & knowledge to start it now. So stop thinking and start working towards completing your dream of launching an online academy. 

EduGyaan will be happy to help you. Plan your free trial/demo today.