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Ready to have your own Shopify Page?

EduGyaan provides you your own Shopify Page, which is very easy to use for all the teachers' even for those who are not tech-savvy. With us, there is no need to worry about the technicalities of website designing. We have customized the Web Builder with multiple page creation options. EduGyaan provides you a total dynamic website. In this, you will get many Vital Features. Shopify Page contains many interesting features. Let’s learn about them.

Publish Courses – 
Give your website a different look by publishing courses. You can publish any course according to your choice. You just have to do a single click for publishing it on your website and your course is ready for sale. Students will be able to see all your published course. Attach videos to your course so that students can check before buying. You can add a description of the course as well as you can add other details like the number of videos, hours of lectures, number of students, and many more.
Publish Course Bundles / Subjects – 
You can also sell any modules or subjects on your website. It is very easy to publish it. Just like course publish, you can publish your course bundle & sell it on your website. Attaching videos to the module is just a single click away. You can also add a description of the module here. Add details about the module such as the number of videos, hours of lectures, number of students, and many more.
Apply filter on Courses / Course Bundles – 
EduGyaan provides advanced Search Filters options for the courses and modules. It can be used to apply the filter on the courses or course bundles on the listing page. You can link the course with different categories. Under categories, you can add tag ID or tag name which you can select while publishing the course or course bundle. Students can easily opt for the preferred courses using the filter option.
Blogs & Testimonials – 
Add blogs on the Shopify page to interact with students & provide more details about your organization and the recent updates. You can also add testimonials from the students regarding the organization. It would give a dynamic look to your website.

Website Look – 
You can add your organization’s banner on the Shopify page to give your website a whole new look. If you want to add any Pop-Up on your site, then you can go for it. You can show any offer or notification about your organization on your site as a Pop-Up.

SEO Settings & Social Media Links – 
Through SEO settings it is easy for students to search your organization on any search engine. You can add Meta Titles, Meta Tags & Meta Description here. Add button for the different Social Media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook on the Shopify page.
Integrate Payment Gateways & Add Bank details - 
EduGyaan provides you the feature of payment gateway integration. You can add bank details of your organization here like Bank Account Number, IFSC Code & other detail so that it will be easy for students to buy any course or course bundle. Through this feature, students can make the payment if they want to purchase any course or module.


“Create a beautiful website with pre-integrated course pages, multiple pages, and payment gateway. Zero codings, with no hassles on single click, get your institute online.”


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