e-Learning & It's benefits


What is e-Learning?

E-Learning is learning to utilize electronic technologies to access educational curriculum outside of a traditional classroom. In most cases, it refers to a course, program, or degree delivered completely online.

Elliott Maisie coined the term “e-Learning” in 1999, marking the first time the phrase was used professionally. In the years since e-Learning’s reputation has gone from strength to strength.

Major benefits of e-Learning:

1. Learning made easy

Anyone like housewives, businessmen, travelers, students, wanderers, etc. can be learners by attending classrooms anywhere in the world that has internet access. It saves a huge amount of time as you don’t have to travel far to attend a lecture. Your classroom is just a click away. You don’t have to leave your home & your loved ones behind for the sake of education. E-Learning presents you a whole new world of immense knowledge and that too in your comfort zone. Now due to e-Learning students from small cities, towns, villages can also be able to learn according to their convenience. The drawbacks generally faced in small hinterlands of India due to lack of resources is eradicated by e-learning. With e-learning, everyone has The Right of Education served at their doorstep.


2. Time management

Time management is the key to success. Generally while studying students get stuck between what is important and what is not and waste a lot of time. By e-learning, you can manage this. Every student has his/her own way of learning and the time consumed by them in the learning process is also different. So e-learning works best for them because unlike traditional classes there is no boundary of time here. E-learning balances your study time with your daily routine.


3. Benefit to society

E-learning has a lot of benefits to students but its benefit to society is a lesser-known fact. It is well known that there is a cost reduction in e-learning. It saves students from the expense of traveling, dwelling, eating outside. Thus, this saved money then can be used to improve the lifestyle of the students and their families. It will increase their standard of living.


4. Single Destination for Top Institutes

The topmost benefit of e-Learning is that it provides the best institutes for you at your doorstep. Top institutes from all over the country are available on a single click to teach you. There are no limitations on the basis of your location. Now you can learn anywhere and anytime.



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