Benefits of Online Test-Series

In traditional classrooms taking test is a compulsory activity but in online classes all the focus is given on teaching only & Quiz/Test Series remains neglected. Thus it becomes difficult to analyse the performance of your students. But now you don’t have to worry because EduGyaan provides you a feature of Quiz/Test Series to test your students ability & knowledge. Quizzes acts like a perfect bow in the student’s arrow to aim for success.

Online Quiz helps you in converting the traditional exam paper into a virtual test series. With Online Test Series organization will be able to give their students real time exam experience. It helps you in analysing your students preparation & knowledge in a better way. This Online Test Series or Quiz prepares student for their final examination.

Advantages of Online Quiz/Test Series –

1. Evaluation of students preparation: Online test series enables the institute to properly assess the students' preparation for the final achievement of their goals. These test series provides an adequate amount of content to determine the strong and weak points of your students. Since these tests are completely syllabus driven you can easily check the abilities and limitations of each & every student in a particular subject. Thus you can appreciate them for their good performance as well as you can guide them to improve in their weak areas.


2. Practice is the key to perfection: As they say “Practice Makes a Man Perfect”. Just like that by giving tests, students can improve their performances by analyzing their own preparation and they can also compare it with other students. So that they can get motivated to do better. Continuous attempt to solve a test series will increase their speed of solving the question & it helps them in the final war which is called examination.


3. Establishment of better connectivity among students & faculty: Online test series establishes a better understanding between the faculty & their students. Just like the traditional classroom, teachers get a chance to check and analyze every student’s performance individually. By keen assessment of students' performance in a test series the faculty can tell them how much they need to focus on a particular subject.


4. Betterment of students' mental health: Mental health of students & teenagers is the most concerning issue in our society. Most of the students suffer from anxiety & frustration due to a lack of confidence. Practicing the test series uplifts student’s confidence level and decreases their exam fear. Thus these test series help to keep them more focused and do their bit for the betterment of their mental health in an indirect way.


5. Immediate result: The most advanced benefit of online test series is that it enables you to see the student’s test report rapidly. Students can also view their own test results just after completing the test.

Quiz grabs students' attention and encourages them to do better. With this engaging activity of quizzes, your students will learn with all their hearts and mind. Quizzes make learning more interesting to students. By taking quizzes of your students you can connect better with them & help them to improve in their weak areas. You will be able to understand the ability of each and every student completely.

Give it a try with EduGyaan’s Test Series feature. Learn more about Quiz/Test Series. 
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