Create & Sell Beautiful Online Courses

Edugyaan allows you to create brand new courses. This article talks about the advantages of using Edugyaan. It also explains the business benefits the user would gain by using our software. Edugyaan is a one-stop platform wherein tutors, coaching owners and online educators can publish and monetize courses, tests, videos, notes and much more via EduGyaan’s Virtual Classroom & LMS Software by their own brand name. With our fully automated, easy-to-use, the cloud-based solution we provide you all the features required for taking your course online without burdening you with too much TECHNICAL JARGON and without creating a huge dent in your pocket.

Now let’s talk about Pros of course creation because there are no Cons of it.

Pros of Online Course Creation
We provide you the platform for creating and selling courses. What this feature does is, it allows you to create your course and lets you make all the additions or customization you would want to do, to satisfy your learners.

Benefits of using course creation
If you want to know how this feature will benefit you for better, here is a list of benefits you can gain by creating courses.

  • Security and Course Loading Speed: When you create your course by using the create course option, the Edugyaan platform automatically encrypts your course. This has been done to keep your content safe and to allow a faster loading time thereby allowing your students to enjoy a better user experience.
  • Enhance your reach to learners: Start your year off right as an online course creator.
  • Reuse or Edit: Now it’s easy to Reuse or Edit the parts of the content through Edugyaan. It allows you to create brand new courses from the existing course. With the online editor, trim your videos on-air and get a new copy of the edited video.
  • Use the same content types across the course: You can make certain content types to be available throughout your courses. Some of these could be – quizzed, a question bank, test series and more. Having them across all your courses reduces the redundancy and helps you to focus on creating the most important content for the course.
  • Creating a course for a section of your students: You can create a course to cater to a small niche group of students.
  • Extend your Reach: The course creation feature can be used to make different flavors of the same course, each of which can be used to create more revenue for your business. Like for instance, you can use this feature to create a course for computer students and use it to create a course for biology students or even informatics students with less effort and time.
  • Add bonus content to your course: Up-selling is an opportunity where you can sell a new version of the course at a higher price by including a bonus content with it. You can then choose to up-sell that course on the original course’s landing page. This flexibility allows you to create more profit from your existing course.


Edugyaan provides you the platform where you can create, market and sell your courses. You can attach videos or attachments to the course. All your contents are encrypted and stored in a secured cloud. Grow with us and turn your knowledge into a profitable online course.

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