Record Online Lectures!!!


Online technology needs commendable by most of the peoples across the globe. With hastily technology innovation, it act as nexus in between those people who can’t connect due to geographical reasons or the problems associated in that regions. It has reduced the gap between the two peoples and started connected from east to west or north to south peoples through their groundbreaking technology. Just like that, an innovative technology has been used to connect the teachers and learners to make them comfortable at their own pace and connect from their homes.
Online learning is a major boon for those students who need the flexibility in their learning. If some learners have to revise the topic or is not present in that live sessions then is it possible to deliver the lectures again and again through live sessions of same topic? Any other possible solution to not repeat the lectures? Then simple answer you will find the idea to record the lectures.
Just imagine, the live session which you are conducting can be converted in record form then will it be easier to you? You don’t have to record or repeat the lectures for recording. Yes, you can do it!!!
With an  innovative video-enabled learning solution programs there is built in features to record streaming videos which make it much easier than ever before, you can offer your students the personal touch they’re looking for in their education even when you’re not around.

Four reasons to record online classes benefits through EduGyaan:
1.     Record Instantly:
Record your lectures instantly helps the educators to not repeat the content daily and helps to save time.

2.     Add value to your courses:
Record your lectures and add extra resources which help the learners to learn and clear their doubts. Extra resources helps the learners to clear their doubts by referring it.

3.     Analytics features:
You can gather the data about student engagement. With video analytics you will be able to measure the following:
a.     How many registered users
b.     Which students are most engaged
c.      Which videos is most played
d.     How many students are online now

4.     Increases ROI:
Though an innovative virtual classroom, it provides built-in-capability to capture video streaming. EduGyaan provides you some additional features such as online video editing, attach any external pdfs etc.