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EduGyaan- An Advanced Way To Teaching!!!

Do you want make students excited in your classes every day? Do you want to make a lifelong learners out of your students? If your answer to both these questions is ‘Yes’ then you would help to get know about Online learning/Flipped Learning.

It’s simple to learn about it! Flipped learning involves the technology in the education process and help students to learn at their own home and guide students to do practice or deep analysis about the concepts through case studies in class. Teachers/Educators can see live of their students enrolled and guide them to apply their acquired knowledge better and clarify their doubts instantly if they have. On other hands, it can help to create a group discussion forum where it help out the students where they can discuss with other students who can help to increase the interaction of the student. It also helps to give different views to the students regarding topics and hence clear their doubts instantly.
So, question arises how can you transform your traditional class into technology enabled flipped learning classroom? Is it possible to get in affordable hardware requirements? Is it user friendly to use? Is it requires any manpower to handle the camera? etc. etc.

Here we are: EduGyaan
Yes your questions answers are here. Here EduGyaan provides you the simple hardware arrangements which is user friendly and does not require any manpower to handle the camera. It also doesn’t require any tech-savvy person to maintain the portal. It helps you to provide more features in affordable price.

EduGyaan provides you following features such as:

1.   Analytics:
It helps you to overview about the details of the viewers such as:
a.     How many users are connected at that time.
b.     Who is the top viewer of the day.
c.      How much users have been registered.
d.     Which user is the daily visitor.

2.   Latest Updates:
If teachers want to give some latest updates regarding lectures, exams patterns etc. will help the learners to get updated soon so that they can prepare or schedule their day accordingly.

3.   Calendar:
Teachers can schedule exam date in calendar so that learners can get to know about it and prepare as per date mentioned.

4.   Video Library:
Here admin can see all the courses are created on the portal and can access easily. Here he can see following details such as:
a.     Course name
b.     Course Module
c.      Creation Date
d.     Duration of Course
5.   Doubt Clearing Tab:
It will helpful for the learners who have registered in portal. Here users can clear their doubts by posting their query where they can get instant reply by educators.

At last but not least, EduGyaan provides many features which are helpful for both the educators and learners which helps them to connect together anywhere anytime.

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