Worried about your Pocket Percentage???

Why to share your pocket percentage with anyone for your video content?

Everyone is concerned about their pocket money. In today's era most of the institutes/colleges are demanding for the online classroom through which they can teach the students online with greater ability and reach. Online classroom provides students to help out and understand better and give ideas at their own level. Most of the teachers are performing these activities with greater extent. Here, teachers record their lectures at their own level and give to another platform to sell it by giving pocket percentage. This increases the teachers expenditure which tight their pocket money. 

Any other Road to Build???
Yes, EduGyaan are here to help you out. Here, EduGyaan provides you the own white labelled platform through which you can record your own videos with HD quality or if you already have recorded videos can sell through your own without sharing pocket percentage with EduGyaan. Teachers can also conduct online/live classes and record the videos instantly without giving much efforts.

1. Save pocket money:- Teachers can save their pocket percentage to greater extent without sharing pocket percentage to anyone.
2. Accessible on all devices:- Through EduGyaan platform students can be easily access the videos on all devices. 
3. Content Privacy:- EduGyaan platform provides you to make your content secure to stop piracy.
4. High quality video capabilities:- EduGyaan provides full HD video and audio with multiple bit-rates.
5. Encrypted Cloud Storage and Streaming: - Secure video hosting which allows you to password protect your videos through EduGyaan.